Misfits make the underlying structures
we all walk on while we ignore them
like cicadas in the trees still making
noise like there is anybody listening.
Cheap roads lead to cheap buildings
handing out the least expensive products
to the people we pay nothing just to be there.
We like to decorate the ones that we hold back
with stupid hats and brighter t-shirts
letting everybody know who they belong to.
We weld patents to the pollen in the air
and all the seeds born from our harvest
belong to a small group selling everything
we grow like we don’t know that they
control the very cost of things
we tend to like a fire.
How dare we wonder what the day could
be without them in their towers locked
away from us pretending they are something
we are not.
The time has come for us to take our one
and only shot and break away from everything
they’ve made us all believe
our world is made of.
It is really love that charts the course
of everything not fear and all the bullshit
we’re obsessed with.
She tapes a pinwheel to her handlebars
and weaves between the dying cars
and slowly turns away
from what’s been chasing her.

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