Bad Directions

Go ahead and keep on doing nothing
if it suits you so, don’t let it go a day
without reminding you of everything.
I don’t care about the rules because
there are none and there never were.
Standards are the insecurities of someone
older or the archetype of them in you
making you feel just how they do
in their silence.

This doesn’t mean anything
none of it
not the repetitive pictures of clouds
I put on every wall as if these
are nothing more than motel rooms
I’ve assembled here
for you to just keep walking through
and wonder where you are.

Get lost for all I care who fucking needs
these stupid words when there are pictures
almost everywhere around us.
We have made it all so meaningless
the billboards on the highway
are the equivalent of light sent
straight from God when all we
really get are curly fries
and bad directions back to places
we should have left behind
so long ago it kills us.

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