A right of passage denied like lightning
splitting trees apart in downpours.
Young people who never met before
stay up all night on a train across the country
and tell the stories of their lives,
exaggerating everything.

Cutting the leg off a frog you found dead
in the gravel with a pocket knife you stole
from the junk drawer to see how it would
feel to truly sever something.
Film festivals where people get too drunk
and sleep through all the previews.

I can’t compare her to such honeycomb
but she is like it when I think of
what she talks about. It doesn’t sit right
that the boulder looming over
the ceramic shop hasn’t just been pushed
to get it over with.

There is a plan for the man at the bowling alley
on 80s night playing air guitar and drinking
too much beer. You don’t have to go back
home and wash your soul in sink like it was
a new born to be capable of finding where
the corners are.

I try to hitchhike out of everywhere I end up,
and get stuck on all the chewing gum,
I don’t look for, but still wind up
in possession of. The world is full of love,
but that doesn’t mean it’s all
in the right places.

2 thoughts on “Sever

  1. I think this interesting, I love the flow of words when read aloud. I don’t understand it as a whole, but there are some beautiful moments captured here. I have a question – I thought the phrase was “rite of passage” – was your choice of “right” a deliberate one?


    1. The choice was deliberate referring to the other idea in the stanza of travel. Taking the saying “rite of passage” and making it more literal as word play, I guess. Not my clearest moment for sure. Thank you for the feedback. Outside perspectives really help me know where to improve and make changes to my approach.


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