You control the size of your world
no matter who else tries to tell you any different.
With that I would suggest you keep it light
enough to carry over mountains.
A kind of decoration laid in every fountain
you can find across the countryside
where the brick roads turn to concrete
and the echo of the mall music
bounces off the surface of the satellite.
Kites on the beaches of the south east
change the color of the sky
and you look out at them from your
hotel window eating cereal with a spoon
you brought from home.
A single token you can cling to
so you aren’t alone the way they think
you should be.
What do I need with all these pine needles
piling up year after year I should just
cut the trees down and replace them
with a fence I’ll feel surrounded by.
Neither of us want to get out of the car
and she is staring out the window
far away up to her curtains she can see
through from as far out as the street.
I kill the heat inside the engine and by
the time that I am heading home
I know it will be cold again but I cannot
pretend it really bothers me.

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