You aren’t able to turn the radio
all the way off so you play
the propaganda so loud
it breaks the simple
speaker it was built with.
Human legs are brought up
closely in the big nets
meant for fish that look like silver.
We stand as still as our photographers
would like us to.
We can bottle ourselves up and leave
the portions on the basement stairs
so there will always be a piece left
in the future.
Like everyone I am looking to be at the center
of an anomaly that frees me from monopoly
and the early day alarm clock’s bleeding batteries.
Plastic plants melt in the sun
like they were decorative aliens
that could not live
inside this spinning microwave.
You have to watch the videos
you pick out at every rental place
because you gave them your commitment
they would have your time
to make their only case.
Black tape can be erased
with just a magnet off the freezer,
but the there is nothing on there
somehow unconverted into
clouds above us pouring perfect rain.

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