Anything Worth Saying

Jagged cliff sides in my mind
when I am trying to stay occupied
with simple tasks like mopping up
the coffee off the floor.
There’s extra fog clouding up
the windows and the doors
made up of glass that can’t be broken
from the outside.
We take the long ride to Chicago
to escape ourselves for just a single weekend,
and the day ends with some bottles
of the red stuff. It tastes like metal
but it’s better than before.
There is enough food created in the dirt
and over top of it for everyone
to eat themselves to death,
but we can’t pay to put it in the fridge.
All these critiques are just a game for kids
to think about when we force them to be bored
so we can own them.
Passivity is their only friend attached
to soles just like a shadow spreading outward
from where bodies block the sun.
Don’t buy the glasses from the drummer
in the tunnel with the teeth that look like
score boards and his theories about
currency and space. Just give him
your harmonica and leave
and keep a knife tucked in your sleeve
so you can slice apart pursuers in the darkness.
At the last moment grow a conscious
about your scams and give the money back
to beg for understanding.
So caught up in the project
of her downfall you could not see
she was growing back the forest
with her memories of making it the first time.
Burn a dollar bill before you leave the room
to make it worth the walking,
and keep talking to me every night
because I won’t be tired for a while now,
and anything worth saying should surprise you.

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