I show up around four
when it’s as dark as any night
could ever get, and I can see
these perfect wingspans
doing circles over
houses just like mine.

She is watching over the street
that us nobodies cross to make it back
to living spaces we cannot afford.
She has a sword with her
up on that roof, in just her night gown.
It is Japanese and she holds it
by her face to block the light
in both her eyes, from raining down on me,
and simply never ending.

We begin the process of unpacking
where I’ve been and she believes me
when I tell her I was lost out there
with no one near to help me.
She makes it clear though that she’ll
never be okay with this is,
and crawls back through the window
like a ghost that’s being pulled
back through the curtains we cannot see
all around them.

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