Look at this person
with their rotting teeth
and lack of prospects

I bet they do not even
realize how we talk about
their lack of standing up.

Or I guess I mean
they’re clueless about

They live in cars and cut
their hair with eighty cent lighters
savoring the odor in the air.

They aspire to what they aren’t
cut out for thinking they are
people in their dreams.

They are ruled by their loneliness
but assure the world
that they do not need anyone.

Eating fast food on the curb
of a street that we all in some way
imagine them not being on.

Although the acceptance of it
now is part of everything.
When it’s possible to get destroyed,

in any system, then the broken
common causalities
will congregate and redefine

the dictionary.

Too shitty at cleaning up shit,
their own or someone else’s,
they settle just for wallowing away.

I cannot count myself as one against
them in their torment
they have made into an art form.

They are the ones breaking new ground
taking apart the very world in front of us.
True originals anyone would be foolish
not to bet on.

The most free making all that we react to.

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