Mark makers are chained to
a four legged robot that leads them
away from the places they all
want to stay.
Over dark green hills they look
over their shoulders
and work quickly to bend
the short wires they’ve all stored
in their mouths.
Late at night when the fire is cold
and the starlight is old
they withdraw them and put them
to work on unlocking their cuffs.
They are barely enough but it happens
and when they make their big break
to escape they know they cannot go back.
Just another attack would be waiting
so there wasn’t a point in debating
all the ever increasing amount
of unfortunate facts.
Then they are stopped in their tracks
when they see it like a city down a long stretch
of highway, where they couldn’t stay either
because everything there was undoubtedly
way too expensive.
It was a factory they were headed towards
and it sounded like the ambiance of Hell.
Where different gels were hit with lightning
and encased in metal armor then let loose
to take whatever wasn’t theirs.
They weighed the options taking shelter
under broken stairs that blocked them
from the rain, knowing that nothing else
would ever be the same.

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