This sheet of granite is a poor way
of describing just how everything is complete
from the beginning.

Desolate long days with the same partly
cloudy skies so just enough sun
touches down to make you jealous
of the people with a day.

Heavy machinery is left to rust
in the snow and the crew will claim
they didn’t know it mattered.

Bad ideas will be given thorough chances
like wall colors no one ever chooses without
changing almost instantly.
This yellow so distorted by its mixture
in the bucket stirred forever but never
getting any better.

The smartest waste the early afternoon
on making fun of the deluded and exclude
them from explaining any further.

She waits at the counter of a chili dog
restaurant for him to meet her with a file
containing pictures of her husband
holding hands that weren’t her hands

A mini mart opens up the store
with just the unclean palms of a 24
year old drop out who manages everything.
The bathrooms were clean, but you should
have seen the cigarettes.

The road between the town and all
the houses on the hillside had a steep ride
out the window where the forest fell beneath
it all for miles.

We will start by just rebuilding
what has never felt the fire
of a falling star, but flatline numbers
somewhere in the stratosphere
that always disappear
with everything forgotten.

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