Taking battery powered doses of what
no one is supposed to ever see.
The other side of the city had gone
dark on us these past few weeks
and clouds of fog prevent the concerned
from going over there.
People have tried everything from basement
ham radios to telescopes on offices, but
there was no cutting through
that wall of spinning cloud.

Plastic lawn decorations look like fauns
checking the foliage for falcons or just
sparrows taking breaks there as the winter
had its way with the whole hemisphere.
A black van with even darker windows
dropped the greatest haunted house designers
off with bags over their heads out in the desert
where they were greeted by some people
from the capital who had a few ideas
to finally change the world.

The pathless poor despondent
with the freedom that is born from only names
will break the chains they have been sinking in
since well before they realized they were there.
The careless all will finally care and tear
apart what’s made lesser than they should be,
and the crowds will meet where the line
was drawn in the dark as one great spark
to set off everything they’ve waited for.

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