Addicted to it all we walk along
the wall around the city that is keeping
out the people we’re afraid of.
I cut open my plastic grocery bag
and let the contents fall out
on the floor because I just don’t
care about this weekend anymore
I want the summer.
You look at me with your scratched
up sunglasses and say
there is another way to fix this,
and I think if that we’re true
it would have happened.
No one is listening for the girl
in the trunk of the car that is screaming
through the metal and the bars,
will someone help me?
We built things taller just to feel
what it is like to truly tower,
and with that power we have made
ourselves the captives
of unprecedented heights.
Don’t ever forget about the lights
that linger in the room after you’re gone,
it’s always wrong to leave it dark
as they move on and on
to something unimportant.
We will nod our heads in time
with music from the past, present, and future.
It will remind them where they fell apart,
when we could finally see it,
and what it feels like to have no clue
where it’s going.

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