I can’t tell how I’m doing simply standingin the corner with the air out and the heatall pouring in. I don’t know where to beginbut I am forced to by the winter wolfthat chases me at night when I am sleepingand continuing to never know my dreams.I can’t find my way out of the bowling […]

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The downtown is all lit up but emptyof almost any inner light.We put up with bad music and the endlessbroken jaws in petty fights out onthe sidewalk where the journeyand destination are collapsinginto one thing all together.I just speak into the paperas if to map what I am thinkingonto two dimensions I can seemore clearly. […]

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The janitor at a racetrack replacesthe liners in the trashcanslike the fresh bags are renewalsof their souls.The cameras in the cornersmake him feel like if he’s slowthe world will know it.So what if he doesn’t wantto get his hands on all the bloodstainsin the bleachers?I wouldn’t either, and I’m pretty surethat most would feel the […]

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Sympathetic flea bags look upsadly at the rafters in the warehousewhere the deliveries have stoppedand all the workers now are nevercoming back. There are torn up sneakers all spreadacross the floor and even more out backwhere the grass fought back en masseagainst the concrete. Young classmates take a short cut homefrom where they wasted time […]

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Addicted to it all we walk alongthe wall around the city that is keepingout the people we’re afraid of.I cut open my plastic grocery bagand let the contents fall outon the floor because I just don’tcare about this weekend anymoreI want the summer.You look at me with your scratchedup sunglasses and saythere is another way […]

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