Ceiling fans like metal flowers
always in rotation.
The pattern on her dress like an illusion
she is making me believe.

She is driving and I am rolling down
the window with the hand crank on the door.
I was so positive that things would break
apart one day, but I continued holding on
inspite of everything.

The little shop with cats all done with hunting.
It sells old comic books and artwork
for the walls. She tells me whales
are living lives we should aspire to
because they thrive along a line
between two worlds.

There is a picture on the cover
of a magazine she notices at the same
time I am reaching for it slowly.
I take it and we look at it together
then at each other quick to read
the other’s eyes.

The picture was a downward angle shot
of a couple in a bookstore, holding
a magazine, and looking back at one another.
We were frozen in that moment
and I could tell she saw it too because
she knew we were a part of something bigger
that we didn’t understand.

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