They say it has been endless every time
only to find out they were wrong,
but that has made things going forward
like a picturesque punk rock band
with no song.

The pure stone staircase to the most important
building has faded yellow over several
sullen decades. The stockades put out
for decoration had to be removed
because some people kept on trying
to take the heat out on themselves
for stupid reasons.

Moms with nothing but coupons
will take any deals they think are worth
the effort, and that includes when placing
calls to different courtesans
they pay to teach their sons
about the basics of entanglement.

As for the daughters they are given
every kind of weapon to keep
the world away, but they will stay
awake and search for all the answers.

The signboard out in front of the high school
has been vandalized and now reads,
“This place is a disgrace to all humanity.”
Not a single person ever tried to change it.

A nomad hiding in the back of a truck,
so he could get a few hours of sleep,
remembers everything about that town,
and with how things must be different now
maybe one day he’d go back again
and see it.

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