What gets on T.V. these days?
Asked the broken man
who just recently fell into town.
Back before it seemed like we were
just content with talking heads
and cheap explosions made
from pixels, or on a lucky day
caught freshly in the wild.
They speak to us like a giant
child in a tone that mimics
teachers we were taught by.
There’s always one big glowing eye
and it looks us over every time it opens.
In every single waiting room
the underscore is boring news
that we don’t get to choose beyond
a protest of our own selected channels.
Still the pedigree of the prize sheep dog
runs deep into the past when they were
wolves out in the wild stalking viciously
the things they now coral.
Don’t show up because they tell you to
just take some time and think.
Are you where you want to be right now,
or did someone make a sale
last time you saw them?

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