Another Cursed Body Of Water

Balled up pages of unread newspapers
kicked around by bored kids
waiting for their parents to arrive.
One picked at scabs on his forearm
stopping the small amount of bleeding
with simple pressure.
The others all just thought
that he was weird.

They listened down the road for the familiar
sounds of used car engines
unique in their own degradation,
the same could be said of the drivers.
The one they all made fun of for being fat
miraculously found a stream just passed
the trees on the other side of the street.

They all stood on its bank then started
jumping from rock to rock, sticking out
of the shallows. On the other side
something changed with the tide,
and a woman rose out of the current.
Her eyes glowed dimly like yellow headlights
and like their mothers, all too far away,
she extended her hand.

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