Outcast Collage

Articles in checkout line magazines
about old men that claim
to have had sex with alien women.
Sometimes upside down while caught up
in tractor beams.

A cinematographer so obsessed with light
she sought out back alley surgeons
and technologists to give her better eyes.
With money and her open thighs
she got the operation that she wanted.

A fairy tale that ends with her waking up
in a bathtub full of ice, blind
because there never was a chance.

Two thirteen year old runaways;
her having cut through the barbed wire
fence surrounding her father’s farm,
and him having stole his brother’s keys
to pick her up on a motorcycle.

They are making a fire in the woods
to hide from the dark in its warmth,
but it won’t stop getting bigger;
having reached a point to overtake it all.

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