Pointless trips to the East just to check in
on things. The car a segment in a giant
worm weaving it’s way across the landscape.
The husks of old semi tires melt into the
asphalt, like gum does when it’s left there.
She is leaning against the window with her
headphones on and I cannot tell if she
is sleeping, due to the dark pair of
sunglasses resting in front of her eyes.
She told me when we first merged on
that she was afraid of putting her feet up
on the dash. She said she’s heard stories
of people getting folded in half by the airbag.
I believed her but now I couldn’t stop
picturing the way it would look if it
happened. Not that I wanted to, but, you
know. When you’re bored on the highway
you’ll think about anything.

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