Foggy windows are great places
for lines to be drawn.
The store is always running out of
sunflower seeds when she needs
them most. There’s always a sign
on the shelf expressing how sorry
they are, but they never take the time
to say it to her face.
White knuckles are wrapped around
the railings attached to the walls that
spiral up the building. You set your
pace for just behind her and stare
at the back of her head while trying
to figure out what she’s hoping to see
up there.
You both know you can’t afford any
more dark decisions and it’s made
clear by the ever present dread
she texts him about when they
aren’t together.
Her niece asked her once if the moon
could bleed, and she explained that
it really just looked red sometimes
through the atmosphere.
This lead to an explanation of the word
atmosphere, but that’s the trouble with
being a kid, all your questions lead to
other questions. I guess that might
be the fun of it.

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