New photographs out of yellow packaging
scattered around the table. You fold one in
half to take it with you and claim it’s for the
spokes on your bike, but I thought that only
worked with playing cards.

They all know one more year of this won’t kill
them, but when they go into their rants at the local
drinking spots you would think they were already
dead. The sun is red even though its the middle of
the day, and it doesn’t hurt your eyes even a little to
stare directly into it.

She lives in a tent surrounded by trees and everyone
forgets about her until the leaves fall. Always just standing
there with the wind wrapping itself around her, and we
watch from a distance thinking of things we could say that
might win us a conversation with someone unlike everyone.
A fat caterpillar crawled over her right foot and with the
left one she applied pressure until it melted into the grass.

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