Stair cases break falls
when they need to.
The lines on the road
are never perfect, but
get the job done in spite
of everything.

Everyone is just a congested
pair of nostrils this time of
year. Spending numerous
minutes of their free time
just trying to breath right
so they can sleep.

A young boy plays with
a scythe in the fields, but
is using it incorrectly
not that it matters to him.
He makes shallow cuts on
the trunks of trees that
the elders see later
and scold him for.

A girl leans against a
massive old wheel and
reads page after page
while the sun’s still up.
She remembers when she
was little, and how she tried
to roll that wheel up the hill
so she could ride it down.
She never did it though, like
most everything else,
it was just too heavy for her
by herself.

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