Shift Break

The unfortunate unload heavy
boxes from the backs of trucks
you see on the highway with
extremely detailed graphics running
down their sides. This one in particular
has the image of a family eating dinner
and staring in awe at the pieces of fried
chicken they can’t believe cost so little.
A man on break spits tobacco into the
puddles in the alley and thinks to himself
that everything is bullshit. He isn’t an overly
skeptical man either in fact he mostly believes
in only things that are impossible, but not this.
He holds onto the feeling of a kiss he got from
a girl he met just North of Tampa. She looked
like someone you’d see in line at the grocery
store buying nothing but wine and some reading
materials. Her thoughts on things were the kind
you wish you could have, and she made water ripple
differently when she was around it.

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