Blurry Suggestions

She is lying on her back looking
into the sun, and he is sitting with
all his weight leaning against the
brick wall behind them. There are
geese several yards away making
obnoxious noises at each other while
ruining any concentration, and so they
both stand up and run toward them hoping
to send them flying away. They don’t fly and
instead just shuffle awkwardly into the street
where an old woman in a blue hatchback
runs them down. A total of five geese die under
her wheels and cover the street in feathers and
blood. The two who chased them fall to their knees
and are astonished at how fast dead birds start to stink.
The driver never took her foot off the accelerator and
continued on at increasing speed, the signs in front of
her like blurry suggestions. Trailing behind her, with a
webbed foot wedged under her bumper, a gander is ground
into the road.

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