Box Cutter

She liked to go to the store with
the boxes that contained severed
heads. None of them were dead,
but something about the head
removal process turned the eyes
completely white like the marble
people used to make statues.
You can ask them almost anything
and they will tell you, even their
darkest secrets are on the table
because when you’re just a head
all you can do is talk, and when all
you can do is talk you’ll talk about
anything. She asked one once if
they had ever almost died, and it
responded with a long story about
having sex with a girl only for her
father to catch them. The dad tried
to stab him with a box cutter, but
he blocked it with his hand sending
the blade straight through the center
of his palm. It told her that it could
still feel the metal in his hand when
he thought about it, and he hasn’t had
his hands in years.

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