Making decisions about which person
gets killed with which blunt object starts
to take a toll on the sanity of the decider.
Tightening the bolts on the casings of giant
missiles that could blow up the faces of
entire schools makes the choice to come
to work about much more than just money.
Everything they hand to you over the
counter is an anchor that pulls you deeper
into their ocean and the natural light of
the sun you were born under fades away.
Leaving nothing, but the dim bulbs attached
to the foreheads of the anglers.
To climb back to the surface you have to
be able to make yourself forget. You won’t be
able to get their with the rules they gave you, and
that is on purpose. The truth that calls to you from
your gut is wiser than we’ve been lead to believe,
and that is why it feels so painful to ignore its

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