News soaked by the rain on the pavement. They board up the doors to contain it. All the boredom and forced repetition electrocuting the air in a way that only numbs and locks in place. Walking the streets with the longest knives we could find. Acting out the repressed rage of several decades swimming in […]

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Making decisions about which person gets killed with which blunt object starts to take a toll on the sanity of the decider. Tightening the bolts on the casings of giant missiles that could blow up the faces of entire schools makes the choice to come to work about much more than just money. Everything they […]

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Plastic cups are the new holy chalices of our generation. We’ve never known anything else, and the convenience is worth occasionally closing your fist too tight and making a mess everywhere. We ignore the common characters of the night like the town drunk singing a song and sitting cross legged in a puddle of his […]

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Crooked shelves on black bookcases hold texts that are in disarray and unread. Carvers make swirls and designs of foliage throughout all the wood in the library, and don’t think twice about whether or not they’re doing the right thing. Outside there are people bending street signs and making obscene gestures at the sky; while […]

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Ruined By The Rain

Melting snow mixes well with the dirt on the street creating gray slush that turn to dark puddles under our footsteps. Old men drink coffee next to the restaurant’s large windows and scan the pages of newspapers that only exist because of people like them. Brothers and sisters carry fat T.V.s out to the curb […]

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