Rock Paper Scissors

They take their seats on the morning train
in a place that hasn’t had trains for very
long at all. They were just finished being
built last spring and since they’ve been
done many people are using them.
Others avoid them like they were a
deadly outbreak and stick with the buses
that smell like old piss, and are always
late. Both groups of people think the other
is full of stubborn idiots that should come
around to their way of thinking, and none of
them ever consider the possibility that they are
wrong. The truth of the matter is we’ve killed
off most everything there is to truly fight, and
most of us grow up soft; afraid of the taste of our
own blood. This doesn’t mean we don’t like to
go a few rounds every now and then, and that is
what the heart of our debate is really about.
Like every other life form we are addicted to
rock paper scissors, but a small portion of us
is getting pretty fed up with having to
play at all.

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