The Problem With Our Raincoats

Bricks fall from the tops of buildings
crushing stray cats and damaging
expensive cars that are parked illegally.
Most think it must have been the wind
knocking them loose, but the old folks
who sit in rocking chairs on their porches
ask the obvious question of how it’s possible
for light breezes to knock loose chunks of stone.
The rest of us ignore them or just call them
crazy. We say their memories are hazy and
they shouldn’t have opinions on the news
of the day. If there was a place for it we’d
send them all away and give them coloring books
with naked people on the pages that they could use
to keep their hands busy and their mouths shut.
I don’t know what this has to do with the bricks,
but it’s been raining them lately and the fabric
of our raincoats isn’t enough to keep our skulls
from shattering into our brains.
The fact remains there is a problem here, and
looking up more isn’t going to fix it forever.
Lets fill the streets with a militia all armed
to the teeth and fire our guns into the air
until there are holes in the clouds.
Even if it doesn’t kill them they’ll at least
get the message and be more careful about
where they throw their shit in the future.

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