Hypothermic Stowaway

You can look away
it’s okay to be afraid
of what is happening.
The boat is burning up
and you are floating
in the never ending waves.
The water is cold enough
to kill you faster
than the drowning
ever could,
and there you stood
as it was finished sinking under.

You know what could be down there
all the creatures in the corners
of the maps and in your panic
maybe they were in your mind.
A kind of passing time so dialated
almost every moment was extended
into hour long perceptions made of memory.

You can remember getting lost
before on the streets
behind the grocery store.
In the winter time
when the clouds in front of the moon
were like an eclipse.
Although, it couldn’t quite stay covered up
because they fell apart
at just a touch of her fingers
running through them
like the air you try to grab
out the window of a car.
It seems we’ve fallen far enough
for her to see us in the sea
with just enough time left
to keep it on her mind.
A key aspect of every miracle
is the tendency to show
at the right time.

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