Windows without views worth
any passing by to stop and take
the world in from the vantage point
presented there.
Foggy glass with trees beyond it
and some sky in the right corner
if you searched for it.
Miscommunications over text
when the meeting always meant
there would be more before
the rest of us could sleep.
A broken light fixture dangling in front of
the entrance to the break room,
where all the lunches
in the fridge would soon be ransacked,
and the gloomy afternoons
of smoking way too many cigarettes
catch up with us like time will
when it’s meant to.
Rock Paper Scissors tournaments
over waist baskets made of galvanized
aluminum, and the crumpled paper
napkins in the wake of them
creating all the cubes.
Small electric fans clothes pinned
to file cabinets covered in magnets
in the shapes of different symbols
with their phone number tattoos
we never call.

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