The dance floor is an overrated area
where people go to embarrass
themselves while having fun with it.
I guess that’s better than this
sketchy ramp I’m standing
at the top of looking down
at all the splinters it could
give me without trying
in the slightest.

People wake up when they want to
they just never do it quite at the right time.
Oversleeping past the dawn
of a new day where there are bus stops
that the regulars don’t talk about.

Every sign you see is a world
you’re at the bottom of, or not even
the slightest factor in the first place,
but don’t give up on peeling back
what all this is to try and spare yourself
some sanity when there is none to be had.

You have to take the good with the bad
and keep a lookout for a shore
that you can swim to.
Tragedies are the building blocks
of miracles and the pinnacle
of this city still reminds you
every day that there is time.

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