Starvation is a slow way out of everything,
and we’ve forgotten that in the time
we’ve both sat waiting in this drive through.
The speaker that you order with is placed
like some odd hearing aid in the center
of a kind of plastic ear.
No one knows what they want
until they see it shine and sold
by someone else, but it is possible
to figure out the answer.
Windows fog from talking
near the glass and countless coins
are dropped down somewhere
in between them.
I had a friend that liked to stand close
to the microwave as a way to make
his memories all fade just like a beer can
left outside for too much time.
I am not hungry for this anymore
I want to peel out of this parking lot
of which I find myself caught up in
way too often.
If that means I have to learn another way
of looking upward then I choose
to search for food where it is scarcest.
Meaning, now, is like a feast
that we’ve been unable to get to
with our checkbooks that we can’t afford
to flip through.
Pain is really energy, and when you take
that thinking further, you’re the engine
built to harness the explosion.

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