Decorations Barely Make These Thin Walls Any Thicker

Conversations through the walls
like leaking information
from the faucet that will not
just fucking stop with all
its crying.

I get it and I’m over it
I’ve taken down the whole thing
and remember
It was my idea to put it up there
when it was new and something
we both thought would look good
when we bought it.

Well now I think its terrible
and it watches me no matter
where I stand in here,
and when I try to sleep
it looks right through me.

You need to get over that.
All this people staring at you,
bullshit, gets annoying when
I need you to be social.

I didn’t know there were such
strict requirements for hanging out
with someone like you.
With your half done laundry
and eye that got eaten when
you were a baby.

Don’t make fun of that it’s bad enough
I have to wear the patch.

I think of jokes about it all the time
and keep them to myself,
but I am laughing at you,
know I am, and put that fucking thing
out in the garbage.

I was going to anyway
that’s the only reason I’m leaving now.
It’s not because you told me to,
and its not because you made me
lose direction.

There was a banner with a number
for rent inquiries nailed into the side
of the building where all of this
was happening;

over and over each day a completely new thing.

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