Remember when you thought
this was forever? She asked him
as they pulled onto the highway
and the whole sky up above them
looked like something ran a knife
straight through the clouds.
He had his doubts that they would make it
but as the list of things that saved them
kept increasing there was no way
to deny that they were lucky.
All the killer birds that bent
the power lines inward
watched them go, but didn’t know
when they were coming back
if ever.

Mud puddle reflections of their faces
haunted every new horizon they were climbing.
Still designing both their futures like it was possible
to do so in the first place.
The outer space perspective didn’t make things
any easier just more complicated
and costly for the witness.
One day in the future, when they’re walking
through the park with just a spark
between them both for where they’re going,
they’ll remember knowing what it felt like
to arrive there when they didn’t care about anything
except the next world they would fall into the midst of.

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