Digital alarm clock fonts
in bright red like the pixels
bled in blocks of blushing light.
Outside the window by the bed
they saw a single kite that flew a bit erratically
but looked just like a dragon fly
that couldn’t die alone.
Stagnant water in the bullet wounds
left everywhere from meteor showers
that whistled in the atmosphere
like fireworks but aimed directly down.
This was a target town in the cross hair
of all chaos where people wandered off
and got lost down the side streets.
She opened the hook that kept
that sheet of glass between them and the world
and watched her fingers curl
like they had been refracted by the light.
All their sight became a smear on top of fear,
and almost no exaggeration.
This was a place were things became a part
of each other in one way or another,
no matter how they tried to smother all connection.
Let ideas mix just like rain does in the gutters
when it’s eaten by the street and all are feet
are underneath the shallow waves that crave
the darkness in our eyes.

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