I guess I’m going home for Halloween again
they spent the whole night looking everywhere
for her imaginary friend. There are good
reasons not to talk about the spray paint
on the ceiling, but it’s the only way
to tell them how I’m feeling.
The goats penned out back cut their mouths
on all the cans they try to nibble on
to get at all their glue.
We are walking down a concrete incline
beneath the winding overpasses
cutting the city off from views up in the hills.

She goes to sleep after a handful of pills,
she paid a fortune for, because she always
wanted more to blanket everything.
No planning for the dark days anymore
just the late night desperation on the front porch
always sizing up the storm clouds.

The ringing so loud I can’t even feel
my heart beat at a now distorted tempo.
I should let go of this disrespect
that looks just like a cloaked discarded skeleton.
She is my only friend that matters after
all this time I haven’t burned that stupid
bridge like I have always said
that I was destined to.
I see it fall in front of me
from a tree branch I am sitting
in the shade of. It burrows into the ground
while spinning wildly and kicking
with its numerous contorted twisted legs.

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