There’s an empty field of dying grass
that looks a lot like hair when wind moves
through it, and the people standing
in it forget the reasons they’re all out there
in the first place.
She wore necklaces made out of cat fangs
she collected from where they all would get put down.
The people worry they’ll go crazy and overwhelm
the town with nothing but their jade eyes
staring deeply in the dark.
No one knows who started it
but when that field went up in flames
it left a scar on more than just that
barren land. Just like the the mark
she held forever in her empty hand,
but the lucky few who saw it always knew.
She thought about leaving while she dangled
both her feet off the edge of her two story
roof before her shoes fell off and landed
in the opposite alignment.
On an airplane wing she finds herself
unable to return back to the tiles
of her driveway, and there’s a long way
in between her and that town that tried
to leave her on the ground.
Falling was always her favorite thing
to feel like it could heal what always hurt
in her, but everything moves faster
in the fire light created by the sky.

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