Radio Silence

She wasn’t listening to anything
but had her headphones on
so no one tried to speak with her.
They were the shitty kind so she
could overhear the loud talkers
sitting near by at this lounge space
in the center of another dying mall.
A woman, picking flowers up
for a party no one she knows
is invited to, is locked in conversation
with a doctor that’s describing
how an amputation feels like
cut guitar strings.
A woman in a massage chair
is saying prayers out loud
and everyone is slightly keeping
tabs on how she’s doing.
A service dog leads it’s blind master
through the record store
where the owner and him
make rounds around the crates.
The revolving doors are cracked
and refract the faces of people
caught inside them as they rotate.
Cars stack up at the front gate
until the concrete can’t contain them
and they burst out to the highway,
where the way home just gets lost
in all the exits.

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