I’m late again
this time
it’s been a nightmare
getting over there.

My feet are wet
I dragged them
through a puddle
when I was watching her
stop briefly
at the window of a record store
before she moved on and I
lost her in the crowd.

She just happened
to catch my attention
walking there in her sunglasses
and hat that kept away
the tiny rays of sun.

There’s no way I was the only one
who noticed her, and realized
that wherever she was going,
had to be the most important
place in this entire tired world
we all are living on.

But she was gone
and I was on my way,
like every single other day.
There is no more
for me out here,
I think I know how
all of this will play out
in the headphones,
where the music
settles everything at once.

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