I’ve been a part of things
and I have stood apart from things.
I’m still deciding on which life
I think is better.
The swirling clouds are backdrops to
the flocks of birds all swarming by the wires.
I fill my tires with cold air to match
the season and live up to all the local
common knowledge.
Young couples solve puzzles together
with their eyes peaking over their scarves
down at the tables.
Downtown centers pretend they know
where things are going with their choices
on their sidewalk chalkboard signs.
One just simply says, “what have you got to lose?”
and I cannot choose an answer
to the question.
I guess the reason for that is because I know
it’s nothing, and the windmills on the outskirts
look more like airplanes than the ones
you see in stories.
I want to hear what they are saying
while remaining in my corner
where there’s room to pace around
and waste my time.
The bank alarm is going off and the thieves
are running terrified when they thought
that things were planned with perfect timing.
They lose their breath and show their faces
when they’re cornered states away,
and what’s the hold up anyway?
The people pushing everyday know all these
perfect getaways are just a temporary space
to count clouds before the next time
it will rain.

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