I need a break from all the arrows
raining down on all the corpses
like the archers can’t decide
if they have killed you.
I found a couple different
ways to do a kick flip
so it looks just like a different trick,
and I know it doesn’t count
as getting better but I want to
just so badly I pretend.

The smell of spilled bleach at the laundromat
is burning in my nostrils, and the vortex,
made of fire, spinning brighter from the dryer
is electric at is source.
I will draw eyeglasses on the science posters
even where it doesn’t make sense to,
and I will tear apart the inside of a van.

I will occupy theme parks at night
and ride the rides with every light off
until I’m bored with all the infinite amusement.
I will take out my frustrations by forgetting
all the faces of people I knew here before
the world became a game of who’s deception
could achieve the longest lifetime.

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