Flintlock pistols are arranged in “x” shapes
along the walls of the manor.
His daughter is throwing a party on the pool deck
consisting mainly of some new friends
she’s been trying to get closer to.

The dog is asleep under a deck chair
barely breathing through it’s poorly
set up nostrils. The group of swimmers
tastes lime juice from the aftermath
of their shots and dream in diagrams
of upward sloping lines.

Her father pulls her aside to provide
a stern talking to as a reminder of who
she’s always letting down.
Though, they were done there in the big house
way before this, and so they moved
their little outfit into town.

They drove faster than they should have
moving past those outer walls
that cost a fortune, but this night
would be forgotten by the lot of them,
who in separate places learned
what they were missing.

As the day began to break over the scenery
it was like the sun could finally catch its breath.
Why not here, in this moment of celebration,
take the time to look around at all
chaos uncontrolled we let unfold.
A Fountain pavilion where people wait
the minutes of their daily breaks,
and take what precious silence they can gather.

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