Death Ray

Glaciers, like ice cubes in a glass,
are cut apart by lasers in the sky.
Nobody watching silently on the shore,
as the red column of light comes down
on the frozen water, has any idea
what is happening.
People get nostalgic when they see something
truly larger than they are. It’s probably why
these cities pull us in.

The beam penetrates deep into the ocean
punching holes through several whales
and various other creatures all at
different depths and points in their lives.
All just trying to make it another day
without suffering more than they have to,
or maybe just the opposite was true?

Ocean rock at the furthest depths melts
apart like plastic in the sun under this gun
that’s gone off shaking in this adolescent
planet’s heavy hands. Still there will be
cellphone notifications about gambles
paying off and how the end of this
will make a platform for the next place
we all find ourselves together.

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