There’s a crack that spreads through miles
of road over hills and under overpasses
smiling at the sky with all its vastness.
Insects crawl in and out of it with kicking
legs so small you barely see them.
It’s something easy to forget about
when you’re driving with a destination
nothing could get out of if you tried.

Pedestrians hold up signs about evaporating pride
which is a good thing if you leave out all the pain.
They were usually written on cardboard torn poorly
from a larger source out back behind some restaurant or mall.
The small group who will have it all will see it just as nothing
but a curse that makes the world obey and hate them.
Sketchy checks all melt without mercy in the rain
in a downpour jacket pockets just had no hope to contain.

I will get the mail when the box is overflowing
with attention and the mailman has a breakdown
because there isn’t any room to do his job.
Whenever there’s a car crash on the news I record
the segment on a blank tape I always have loaded
in the VCR. I have over seven hundred videos
where people that look like my teachers
are talking about death and destruction.
I listen to them while I sleep in the hopes it will
inoculate the lies, but even still I’ll probably
never know the difference.

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