It’s time now, I am breaking down
the pedestal I put you on for so long
all against my better judgment.
You’ve always surpassed expectations
unlike me who just held back
to save my time and keep the prying
eyes away.

I’ll still hold on to certain days
when I think back to when we were
our closest and the world was like
a different conversation.
Sidewalk tiles where we stood
will always stick out when I
happen to be passing and the Christmas
lights in malls aren’t really anything.

No more door knocks out of nowhere
or the saddest drunken calls
I ever made and woke up knowing
were disasters. You were patient
with me all the time, and for that
I’ll say I’m sorry that it took so long
to get on with a different song,
and learn the greater lesson underlying.

Goodbye is not a perfect thing, but it is
necessary often so it shouldn’t be a painful situation.
I know we’ll both be fine one day, or if not
then maybe now we’ll find a way to take
those older times and make them into something
we can look at like a snow globe on a mantle
from a trip when we were younger
when the details didn’t matter and the future
had no pressure from the past.

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