Opening her eyes was like a view straight through
the fumes of melting plastic and the heat
burnt off the blacktop until the gravel underneath
was finally heard.

I climbed the water tower just to get a sense
of what I’ve been contained in and from up there
it all seemed so easy just to pick a road and leave
from any exit.

The fireplace was never used and so the dog always
liked to sleep there because the outside had a way of
breaking in. We took stock of the fading starlight
as the city just got brighter every day.

She talked about seeing the same magnets on the tops
of the same cars to the point where she had to follow them.
It turned out they were just delivering chicken wings
for a company that wouldn’t take you seriously
without your shirt tucked in.

We wanted so bad for the night to begin because in our corner
it was dark enough to know what we were missing in the sky.
She got me high with all the flowers locked inside a wooden box
she kept below her nightstand.

Both of us lied against those rooftop tiles like the miles
out above us into space were now compressed against
the limits of our sight. I knew then that I was done
with all their teachings of rejected love in favor of
their watches ticking on like simple bombs
that would explode when it was time to fall in line.

We held onto each other’s hands when all the streaks
began their course against the backdrop of the infinite abyss.
I knew for my whole life that there was something
kind of special in us all but I was wrong
there is no difference but the fictions we devise
and other lies that fall apart against the beauty
of an accidental sky.

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