New shoes on the side of the road, but you
could tell because the color wasn’t faded.
We make rules for each other to compliment
the weakness all so apparent from proximity
and every single sense we have between us.
The lights turn on in the city when she sees
the distant sky begin to change and rearrange
what makes it special.

Pool tables are just microcosms of the universe
and the eight ball is where it isn’t good for
anyone. On our evening drive she asks me
about the insect on her window. Other than
its purple wings I couldn’t find a name for it
within me so it was a mystery to us until
it flew away. Tomorrow is the only day worth
fighting for but there are times when I just wish
it could be dark outside forever.

I don’t know who decides which trees we leave
standing, but from the pale decaying stumps
I see around me I would have made some new
decisions if I could. Unlimited wind is harnessed
by indestructible sails made out of woven
fibers you can harvest from the edges of a soul.
I want to run on something just as pure as that
without the cost of someone’s internal eternity
weighing down the days that I am free.

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