They tell her they are ditching Dan,
the group consisted of some friends
who spent long shifts together
selling food and drinks to unlimited
corporate customers. They were using
tonight as a stress relief and after work
they all went out to a bar that they could
walk to from the front door of their store.

Dan was the outcast of the group,
but in the context of the work day
he was goofy enough to keep people
on his side. Outside those walls
he wasn’t sure of anything, and his jokes
and other habits weren’t hitting all the
marks they were supposed to.
The place was dark and there was music
playing over top a broken empty dance floor.

He couldn’t take it any more, and Dan took
the the whole stage for himself and started
executing the whole list of dated dance moves
from the times before the 90s and the 80s.
This was where the line was crossed
and all his fellow workers came to realize
that he wasn’t just the funny guy,
but a loser who shouldn’t be with them for a night
on the town.

They left him when his back was turned
and went to some place in the city
they were sure he’d never heard of.
The main topic of conversation became how weird
some people were and the more drinks they had
between them made the truth of what they did
become the daylight.

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