Here we are cursing ourselves for letting
the edge of the metal ring dig into our hands
and giving up long before they’ve met
even a single part of our extensive demands.
I’m tired of walking at night under all their fake
light that’s only bright enough to illuminate
the names on the buildings as if the steps
we take are just an after thought.
We should teach children to burn their Christmas
lists as a challenge to the forces out there
taking whatever they want.
We don’t need anything is what that says
on the surface and when you don’t need anything
no one can collect you and put you behind
glass with all the other perfect people that
just shut up and follow every single rule.
Anything important can be made from
the transmuted time we take back
from all the signs above the highways.
The parties will get larger and the upfront costs
will fall with all the people giving their extra
to the others who are doing just the same.
There is no need for greater names beyond
the one that we are given at our birth,
and let that be a sign that can design
a world where branding is a trademark of the past
and is revealed to be the lie it’s always been.

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